Will There Be ATMs Available?

Yes. There will be 3 ATM's available. You can find them on the MAP.

Are Children Allowed At The Festival?

First Festival is an all ages event. Please note that every attendee over the age of 5 years old will need a ticket to enter. 

Can I park at the park?

No. There is no guest parking at the park. or in the surrounding neighborhood. Please consider taking an ride-share or finding parking accommodations HERE

Exit & Re-entry:

Although First Festival is its own little city, we’re surrounded by the real-world town of Sacramento, California. With your cooperation we can make sure we’ll be welcomed back in the future. When you’re walking outside the festival grounds, remember that you are Out There — please follow all pedestrian rules and be respectful of our neighbors and their property. Show them some love and respect.

There are no ins and outs at the festival. Please keep in mind that once you're in, you're in to stay. If you leave, you will not be allowed re-access on that day. 

Lost & Found

DURING THE FESTIVAL: Lose something at the festival? Head to the MAIN GATES.

AFTER THE FESTIVAL: Email info@firstfestivalsacramento with a full description of the item lost. We will also list found items here within the week after the festival. 


PATHWAYS: There is a concrete pathway that runs from one end of the park to the other. 

ADA ACCESS: All art installations, isles, and First Festival spaces are ADA accessible. Team leads are trained to ensure ADA access. 

ADA VIEWING: There are ADA access viewing areas near the front of the Main Stage and the Secondary Stage (the two largest stages). There is also a designated ADA viewing area inside The Circus.