PLEASE NOTE: Information provided for your application will remain confidential. We will not share your information with anyone. Applications will not be made publicly available and we will not add you to any mailing lists. Your application will be shared with members of the Festival Deer Production selection committee.

Personal information that you will be required to provide:

  • Your full name

  • Contact phone number & email

  • The city that you live in

  • The city that the project will take place in

  • Any other arts grant(s) that you have received

  • Links to your social media profiles (artist page or otherwise)

Optional information that you will be asked but not required to supply. We ask for this information because it is helpful in fulfilling our goal of providing grants to a diverse group of individuals. It is not required because we respect your privacy.

  • Your gender identity

  • Your sexual orientation

  • Your ethnicity

  • This information is used for the purpose of ensuring that we award grants to a diverse group of community members with the clear intent to provide grants to underrepresented members of the community. Only Festival Deer Productions will have access to this information

  • Your responses will be kept private and secure. 

  • The information will not be used for a discriminatory purpose.

  • You can change this information in the future by emailing

Questions about your project that you will be required to provide:

  • The title of your project

  • Where the project will take place

  • A clear description of what the project will entail

  • Whether you've already started this project

  • Whether you will continue with the project regardless of funding

  • How much you estimate the project will cost

  • If this is the first time you will be doing a project like this

  • Whether you are partnered with any organizations or other people

  • What kind of impact this project will have on the community

  • What kind of impact this project will have on your personal development

  • Your project timeline (start and finish)

  • How the funds will be used

Optional information about your project that you will be asked but not required. Please keep in mind that providing this information will be very helpful. 

  • Any drawings or sketches or your project

  • Any information on past projects you've successfully completed

  • ​Whether you've participated in First Festival and if so, how and when

We are very excited to provide micro grants to the music and arts community. The application opens June 25, 2020.