We are looking for a variety of food trucks to join First Festival (of non-completing food types). And we are also looking for food vendors that can provide a simple menu of 3-4 items. All food vendors must have a valid food vending permit from the Sacramento County and must have experience and established history of passing the inspection from the health department. We will not accept food vendors if they do not have established history of food vending in Sacramento County. Non-food truck vendors will be required to comply with signage requirements at the festival-- you may brand your menu with your business name, and your business name will be listed along with your location and menu in our app, but you will not be allowed to post flags or have brightly colored tents with excessive signs and banners. Our preference is a white tent although we may be open to other colors. 



We are looking for market vendors of a variety of style. We will not be accepting MLM vendors or information booth style vendors. All vendors must be selling a physical product or be offering an entertainment element. We are looking for vendors who sell fashion and accessories, art, unique trinkets, light up style accessories, tie-dye, gem stones, and things like that. 

Our vendor application is now closed.